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Solitaire Promise Rings For Couples are the ideal option for those looking to get married.

A symbol of unconditional love that can be presented on special occasions.

The Solitaire rings symbolizes love for life. It is characterized by the single precious stone that is set in the ring, it symbolizes a solid and long-lasting relationship, a faithful and unending love. It is one of three engagement rings given to couples at wedding proposals and other occasions. What is the story behind the Solitaire engagement ring? What is its significance, and other occasions to gift it?

What is the Solitaire ring

In comparison to other engagement rings, the Solitaire is distinguished by the presence of only one precious stone in the ring. The stone typically is a diamond and the metal is white gold, but these days, there are Solitaires decorated with other types of precious stones and metals.

The Solitaire is available in two different kinds of setting with prongs like the renowned Tiffany Setting, in which the stone is held in the center of the ring using prongs. The other is bezels in which the stone is placed in the form of a flat cavity.

The most well-known cut is the brilliant cut. It's round and can make any stone shine with a bright, luminous light.

What is the significance of Solitaire

The Solitaire with diamonds is a symbol for eternal love and a strong bond. It is a test for fidelity as the single stone represents the love and commitment of a single person, as well the stability of the relationship.

It is a symbol for eternality and a promise made in the near future.

Stones and metals with which to create Solitaire

The white diamond is the most used stone in solitaire rings. It symbolizes quality, durability, and the stability of two lovers. They are usually cut with a brilliant or princess cut and are available in a heart, round, or drop shape.

However, currently the choice of stone is also dependent on other kinds of precious stones, like colored diamonds or stones that have different meanings than the diamond.

Solitaires can be made with rubies as a sign of love. They also come with sapphires and aquamarines which are stones that represent stability, fidelity, and love in the course of a relationship.

From the various options to choose from there are also zircons which provide the Solitaire more casual appearance and that adapt more easily to any clothing and style.

The most popular metal used in the Solitaire setting is white gold. However, modern models can also be constructed in yellow gold, rose gold, silver or steel based on the taste of the person you are gifting the Solitaire to.

Solitaire rings have a long tradition.

Since the time of ancient Greece and Rome the custom of presenting an engagement ring to signify commitment and promise love has been in place. In this time the custom of putting the wedding ring on the left ring finger was also created.

According to ancient legends the vena Amoris vein is located on the left ring finger. The vein is small and crosses the arm to reach the heart. The ring that is placed on the ring finger an excellent sign of good luck for the couple that will be together forever.

The tradition of giving solitaires with diamonds goes back to Renaissance times. The first diamond engagement ring was presented by Archduke Maximilian in 1477 to his upcoming wife Mary of Burgundy. It was a gold ring that was embellished with a single diamond. It was an expression of love and eternal union.

When to present solitaire rings

The Solitaire is an emblem of love that is eternal and is usually presented as wedding proposals, as an engagement ring, or to celebrate anniversaries or important moments in the lives of a couple.

This does not mean it is not possible to gift a solitaire to other occasions or to others, especially when you select other stones to pair with the diamond.

Solitaires could be a gift for mother and daughter or it could be a gift for an individual or as a way to mark an important occasion or the celebration of a milestone reached. There are no limits, the important thing, considering the arduous meaning of the Solitaire, is to give it to a person with whom you share an essential and inexplicably strong bond.

Where to wear solitaire rings

If you present the ring as a gift in the course of a marriage proposal the ring should be positioned on the left finger for the ring. After the wedding has been celebrated however the ring must be moved to the right ring finger, so as not to obscure the wedding ring with its brilliance.

If the Solitaire is part of a gift beyond the engagement it can be affixed on any other finger.




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